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19940 E. Homestead Rd., Suite 200 | Cupertino, CA 95014 |(408) 737-7494
Esprit de la Danse
Due to the Corona Virus, Covid 19, 
we have closed.
Please read my farewell note below.

Due to the Corona Virus, Covid 19, 
we have closed.
Please read my farewell note below.
Dear Parents and Students of Esprit de la Danse,

  Sadly, this will be the last newsletter from Esprit de la Danse. Over all these weeks as things change daily, I have been crunching numbers and trying to figure out how to continue with teaching at the studio; unfortunately, my landlord is unwilling to work with me. More importantly, I am not sure that even when we can go back to dancing in a studio situation that I at the age of 66 should be encountering multiple groups per day on each day of the week.

  As an aside, six years ago in anticipation of turning 66, I had decided to retire this year after recital. Then, last year I got a lot of encouragement from my sister to continue for two more years after this one which would have made it made my 50th recital. At the end of last summer I decided to do just that – continue on! Well, Covid 19 had a different idea and it looks like it will be best to retire now as I had originally planned.

  I am really going to miss all of you! I will not only miss my “big girls” (and one “big boy”) who have danced with me for so long, but I will also miss those of you hoping to become a big girl (or big boy) one day. Each student has been unique. Each student has been special. Each student has taught me how to be a better teacher and a better person. It is so hard to leave it all behind.

  I hope that all of you will carry the 4 D’s of Dance with you because, of course, they are not just important in dance, but in everything we do. Determination, Discipline, Dedication, and Desire: They have done well by me and I hope they will continue to do so for you, too!

  Thank you for all the support over the years. I could not have done it without you. For those of you who continued to show your support this spring and sent in payment for the 4th quarter, I would like to give you options of what I will do with your check since the 4th quarter never happened. I will shred your check on July 1st unless I hear from you that you would either like me to mail it back, or if you would like to gift me the check, then I will cash it. I will wait to hear from each of you before I take any action. And, thank you again for the support. It means more to me than you could ever know.

  In closing, as the song says, “When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance!” I hope this to be true for each of you whether you eventually join a different dance school, or you just choose to dance at home as so many of us are now doing. I hope you will always keep dance in your lives. I hope everyone will “Keep on Dancing!”
  Please stay safe, stay strong, and stay healthy. I wish you all success as we all adapt to this new era.

Much love,


~~~Dancing Moves Me~~~

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