Regsitration is a $55.00 non-refundable fee per year per family 
due with your first quarter.
Although classes will run continuously throughout the school year, 
billing for tuition is on a quarterly basis. You need not re-register for each quarter.  Tuition is non-refundable.  Please see the information below:
All  Student Dance Classes:
Quarterly Tuition Payment Schedule
Tuition per Quarter*
Tuition is based on the number of dance classes one student takes during the week.
* add $80.00 per extended class per quarter
Appropriate shoes are required. Pink for ballet, and black for tap and jazz.

Leotards are required for all classes. Any style and any color is acceptable.

If the hair is long enough to reach in a ponytail, then it must be worn in one. Long bangs must be clipped back. (Advanced classes: Buns are required.)
Pink tights are required with a leotard in any color or style. Ballet shoes should be either canvas or leather.
Leggings of any length or color are to be worn with a leotard in any color or style. Dance shorts are acceptable only if they are not baggy, and boxer shorts are acceptable only if they have a dance type logo.

No tap shoes with velcro straps please.
Comfortable pants with an elastic waistband are to be worn with a close fitting t-shirt tucked in (no jeans please).  Shoes appropriate to the type of dance and in black.
Ballet/ Contemporary Classes:
Jazz/ Tap Classes:
Adult Classes: suitable attire that is stretchable and comfortable.
TuitionDress CodeStudio Information / Emails

Tuition & Policies

Number of classes
per week
per student
 Registration and Tuition 

TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR DANCING ON POINTE:  (technically it is "en pointe")

A minimum of one year of lessons twice per week taken in pre-pointe level  ballet classes.
Depending on the individual (physical strength, flexibility in the ankle, and technical expertise) depends on how many years one may need to take twice a week at the pre-pointe level.  It is not unusual to need two or three years of pre-pointe work, while sometimes it may take only one.  If you would like to go en pointe next year, do consider picking up a second ballet class right away.

A minimum of flexibility and strength must be attained.  
This will be a judgment made by your teacher.  (At least one split is required.  It may be right or left side- - -straddle does not count.)

A consistent show of good attitude, dedication, and desire must be displayed.  
This will also be judgment made by your teacher.  Consistent meaning throughout the entire year, and not just before recital.

If I have observed throughout the year, a good attitude, appropriate strength and flexibility, continued improvement, etc., then I may select you to dance en pointe.  The week of recital, you will be given the “Toe-Test”, a vocabulary test on which can only be passed with a score of 100%.

Generally, I do not select girls until they after they have turned 12  for the year they go en pointe.  (This is not a magic age, however.  Some girls do not make it en pointe until 13, 14, or 15 years of age.  Occasionally, a younger girl may make it, too.)

If you are working for pointe, but I don’ think you are ready, I will let you know what to work on so you can work towards it the next year.

Perfect attendance is mandatory. 
Both the year previous to going en pointe, and during each year you dance en pointe, you must maintain perfect attendance.

Practice at home.
Each new pointe student will be required to practice at home for the first six months.  Five to fifteen minutes per day is all that is required.  When basic minimum technique requirements are sufficiently learned, practice will not be a requirement, but is still highly advised.

Three lessons per week will be mandatory beginning in August.
Two lessons en pointe, and one  lesson in regualr ballet shoes per week will be required.  This is simply the minimum times per week needed to keep a minimum level of strength in order to help avoid injury to the feet, ankles, and knees.

Strength tests must be passed to dance in Recital en pointe.
Prior to learning the first dance in the fall, each student will take a strength test.  Anyone who is not yet strong enough to perform each step en pointe, will not be indluced in the first dance.  (During the time the others are working on the dance, exercises to further strengthen the ankles for those who did not pass will be incorporated into the class.)  Students who fail the first test will be allowed to try again for the second dance in January.

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